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Bastion Capital Group

Bastion Capital Group, Inc. is a boutique midwest-based investment banking firm primarily focused on corporate finance, commercial real estate, mergers and acquisitions, and classified asset/debt restructuring. Bastion provides funding for companies in the small to mid-market space that may not fit the lending box of their existing banking relationships. Through this evolution, Bastion Capital Group, Inc. has been able to fund client growth opportunities, strategic asset planning, corporate succession planning,  corporate debt restructuring and commercial and residential development opportunities.


Founded in 2007 by current managing director Leo Skeffington, Bastion initially funded the partnership with a local Iowa-based investment banking firm. At that time, Bastion ran the real estate and debt restructuring platform. Bastion’s leadership allowed for additional client growth and expansion of our client relationships during the recent recession and past recession of 2008. Bastion provides commercial funding in real estate, corporate debt restructuring, or when needed corporate board advisory. Since its inception, BCG has closed over $1.5 billion in transactions, providing scale through internal capital and a portfolio of capital partners. Bastion strives to develop and maintain long-term relationships by providing bank-priced debt for companies that have had legacy default issues or are seeking commercial funding for projects outside the conventional lending scope.


Areas of Expertise

Commercial Real Estate


Our experienced real estate investment banking team has a strong track record in raising capital for small to mid-market commercial real estate companies.



Corporate Finance


Focusing on providing debt to Small to Mid-Market operating companies, our niche focuses on value-add opportunities—companies that need solutions caused by legacy or current financial problems. 


Special Assets, Distressed Debt, Restructuring & Financing


Bastion provides debt for mid-market operating and/or distressed companies looking to transfer their existing banking relationship to one which will allow stability and future long term growth.


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