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Some of Our Past Closings


Copper Valley Development

Bastion Capital Group funded a residential/mixed use construction loan for Copper Valley Development in Copperopolis, CA. Borrower was having significant issues in securing the loan because of its rural location. Borrower’s local banking relationship would not lend as the loan was too large for their credit committee as well as it being in a tertiary market. Property collateral was more than sufficient in addition to the guarantor’s significant financial strength. Property was fully entitled in addition to fully operational golf course.

Loan Amount: $40,000,000

Loan Term: 3 years

Interest Rate: 8.25% Interest Only

Loan Use: Refinancing existing debt in addition to vertical construction. 


May 2022


Areu Studios

Bastion Capital successfully funded a $17,000,000 Bridge loan (2 years, 9%) for Areu Studios, previously owned by Tyler Perry. The studio is most known for filming the Tyler Perry Madea franchise films. Borrower needed to take out lender that was charging 13% percent as well as cash needs to refinance other creditors. 


December 2021


Industrial Business Park

Bastion Capital Group closed a $5,400,000 commercial loan for Louisiana privately held REIT.  Our client had struggled with local banks to refinance the property for two main reasons, environmental and loan maturity.  The previous lender was putting significant pressure requiring our client to refinance.  Our firm was able to refinance the debt and work with the borrower to remediate all environmental issues.  Our loan refinanced a 12% hard money loan our client secured years past, into a 5.25% 30 year amortizing loan.  Project also allowed for cash-out in order to pay fees and closing costs.


Please keep us in mind for all your potential commercial loan opportunities.  We look forward to speaking soon and catching up.


August 2020


Peoria REIT

Bastion Capital restructures over $12,000,000 worth of real estate debt for privately held Peoria REIT.

July 2014


Days Inn

Bastion Capital Successfully restructured $2,300,000 Hotel SBA Loan



Bastion Capital Group successfully assisted and advised Grip Clean, recently featured on “Shark Tank”.  Grip Clean was seeking better board oversight, manufacturing control, as well as capital for overall growth of  their product.  Currently, Grip Clean is being sold throughout the US in many auto parts stores.

May 2016


Five Points Industrial Services

BCG Successfully capitalized new development capital on behalf of Five Points Industrial Services, LLC.  Five points was able to finalize a $17.5 million final phase construction on mining facility operated and owned by Cemex Corporation.  Five points Industrial services is a mid market privately held Texas Based Company doing business throughout the US.  Their main focus is providing construction services to for large mining and aggregate companies which include Cemex (CX), Old Castle Materials (CRH), Martin Marietta (MLM), Gerdau (GGB), New Trinity (TRN) Etc.

February 2016


June 2014 Restructuring

Bastion Capital Group restructured over $11 million in commercial real estate loans for Midwest private trust.  Portfolio consisted of many different properties which had loans maturing.


Lava Island Trampoline Park

Bastion Capital Group funded an acquisition for a recreational trampoline center operator. Borrower used the funds to purchase all stock ownership from previous equity holders. The only assets were center equipment and personal guarantees. Clients tried to fund through SBA however only had 30 days to close a transaction. Banks were passing because there was a lack of collateral as opposed to the significant cash-flow surplus.

Loan amount: $1.5 million

Loan Term: 2 years

Interest Rate: 12% interest only


April 2022


Zydeco Brewing Company

Bastion Capital provided $2.5 million permanent financing for property owner. 25 year amortization at 4.25%


Borrower needed to refinance a bridge loan that was coming to maturity.


November 2021



Loan amount: $10,000,000

Loan Term: 4 years, Interest Rate 7.95%


Bastion Capital Group successfully closed a $10,000,000 Credit facility for a Midwest Based Chemical Manufacturing Company and Cargill Inc. The Chemical manufacturing company is a US-based producer of sodium methylate solution with a 20,000 metric ton per year production facility located the heart of America’s most prolific biodiesel producing region. Client required additional operating capital as well as new operational agreements with Cargill Corporate. Borrower has further been able to secure a new customer base increasing overall production and profitability.

May 2018


Boutique Hotel Refinance

Loan Amount: $3,500,000

Bastion Capital Group successfully refinanced a boutique hotel resort spa in Maui.  This resort has been in business for over 10 years however existing debt was maturing required the borrower to refinance.  As part of the refinance the borrower was able to lower overall debt yield and loan maintenance.   Loan pricing was 4.65%, 25 year amortization, and fixed for 10 years.  Additionally, the borrower was allowed to cash-out over $ 1,000,000 for additional property improvement and operational costs.


Technology Conservation Group

Bastion Capital Group successfully negotiated a loan restructuring on behalf of Technology Conservation Group.  Existing lender had acquired the previous debt from BBVA in which the loans had matured. A discount was negotiated providing additional equity in operations.  TCG is one of the largest South Eastern Electronic Recycling groups processing multiple millions pieces of hardware each year.

March 2016



Bastion Capital Group successfully financed and restructured on behalf of a private Missouri corporation which acquired the debt for Motoped, inc.  Existing company required new capital in order to work out a resolution with existing lender which had debt around $8.5 million.  New operations were formed in order to better manage finances moving forward.  In addition inventory has been acquired allowing orders to be fulfilled.

December 2015


Business Record Article

In 2011 the Des Moines Business Record featured Leo Skeffington in an article outlining the Des Moines area financial  restructuring business. Click here to view the article.

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