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Special Assets, Distressed Debt & Restructuring

Over $1,000,000,000 in volume closed.

Bastion Capital Group has developed and been actively advising in the restructuring space previous to the last great recession. We have over 13 years collectively in providing funding for companies struggling with their existing lending relationships. Our team members are experts with knowledge of FDIC insured rules and regulations, CMBS mortgage restructurings, CMBS guidelines, SBA and USDA classified assets, and Special Asset solutions related to commercial real estate and C&I loan opportunities. Additionally, our firm has restructured debts with hundreds national lending institutions and publicly traded companies th the US. We have worked with hundreds of banking institutions and private lending relationships throughout the US and the Caribbean. Over the past 13 years, we've provided our clients various solutions, ranging from conventional real estate finance to non-bankruptcy restructuring and asset repositioning. Many of these transactions include specialized services for non-traded REITs, triple net transactions, distressed and conventional real estate.


We work to maintain asset value and equity when restructuring assets. Many of our client relationships have been able to recapitalize specific assets improving the liability side of the balance sheet and improve overall global cash-flow.  Further, we have been able to successfully release personal guarantees associated with distressed assets in addition, allowing our clients to maintain asset ownership.

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